He Is Able

Posted: April 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Easter Sunday was an awesome service for the church I pastor, East Sanford Baptist Church.  No, it wasn’t because of me, but because God reminded us that He “is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” (NKJV).  If you were there, you would have heard about a lady who had been given no hope in her battle against cancer.  Her husband shared their story of struggle, strength and prayer.  He told of her last PET Scan and that the doctors had informed them that her cancer was gone.  It was indeed a great moment of miraculous proportion.  One would think that nothing could be greater, and for them, that probably was the case.

However, what struck me must about that awesome service was the lady who was sitting in the third row.  Like the first, she has a story of struggle, strength and prayer.  She has battled cancer before and won, temporarily.  Now, she is battling again.  This time, she has chosen not to undergo any treatments.  Back in November, when we had our delayed Homecoming service (a hurricane kind of altered our original schedule in October), she raised her hand in praise and thank God for just being there.  She had been given until October, and there she sat in November.  Fast forward to Easter.  There she sits, singing and praising God, looking as healthy and happy as she ever has.

Two different stories, one great God.  We often celebrate the miraculous healings and the unimaginable outcomes as the work of God, and they are, and we should celebrate.  However, what gives me the greatest peace is not when He gives complete healing, or He moves the mountain or stops the storm.  What gives me the greatest hope and peace is when I can see Him at work in the fights, storms and hardships of our life.  It reminds me of what Paul say, “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness’.”  While I always pray for healing and for God to remove mountains and stop storms, I can have confidence that even if He does not, His grace is sufficient and He is still able to exceedingly abundantly more than I could ever imagine.

I thank both of these ladies for living their lives out before our church, letting us see their struggles and their strength.  Because of them, I am ever more confident in Jesus Christ, my strength and comforter.

  1. Kenneth Smith says:

    Once in awhile, in my job, I get the blessing of seeing God’s work. I have been witness to seeing procedures cancelled because there was suddenly nothing to biopsy. There is ONLY one explanation for this, my God is alive & doing well. Any & all healing comes from Him. No man can make a tumor disappear, only God. I have witnessed God’s amazing power & I am proud to be able to tell it!

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